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What About That Gigantic Yo-Yo?

Sometimes the most interesting things turn up in unexpected places…


The Sycamore Pool, situated in the One Mile Recreation Area of lower Bidwell Park, is a pool created by natural waters and man-made structures. Sycamore pool is a great spot for Summertime family gatherings as even during these months the water maintains a cool temperature!


Bidwell Park Golf Course is a fun, but demanding 18-hole course that winds through the foothills with all the wildlife.  Greens are in good shape year round. Plenty of parking. Don’t know how to play? Bidwell Park Golf Course offers lessons. Enjoy hiking and a historic mansion in Bidwell Park too.

The Gigantic Yo-Yo

The yo-yo first appears on a vase from ancient Greece, yet is the quintessential American toy. In 1923, Pedro Flores, a man of Filipino descent, began building yo-yos by hand in the United States. He discovered that American kids were fascinated by them.

Flores realized that people had to be shown how to use a yo-yo before they would buy it. So he hired a team of yo-yo masters to demonstrate the toy’s amazing tricks. Not only does the National Yo-Yo Museum hold annual contests, but it is also the home of ‘Big-Yo’, a 256-pound yo-yo that is sprung up, down, all around by a skilled operator with a big crane.

Hiking & Biking

Looking for the best trails around Chico? Whether you want an easy hike or bike, or something more challenging, you’ll find all the trails in Chico right here.

See the Stars

Discover the wonders of the universe at the Chico Community Observatory. Open to the public, Friday – Sunday, weather permitting. FREE!

Hunting, Fishing & Pioneers

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve contain 3950 acres of diverse canyon and ridge habitats and tells the story of human habitation from pre-history, through the coming of European settlers, to the present. The original Native American inhabitants hunted and fished on these lands. You can too.

Ice-Age Skeletons

Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the current exhibits and permanent collections, including Ice-Age Skeletons at the Gateway Science Museum. The saber-tooth cat roamed what is now modern-day Chico about 1.6 million years ago. Weighing as much as 600 pounds with up to 8-inch canines, this animal was certainly no domestic kitty cat!

Dine in or Dine out

Casual or fancy, TripAdvisor knows all the best restaurants in Chico.

Wine delivery

Award-winning Roney Wines makes ultra-premium wines from locally-sourced grapes. Ask about their FREE home delivery.

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